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Self Defense College Online Course – Home Study

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Course Information

Welcome To The C.O.B.R.A.™ Family!

Congratulations and welcome to the Combat Objective Battle Ready Application self-defense college program (C.O.B.R.A.™). We’re excited that you are joining the C.O.B.R.A.™ family and look forward to providing you with the very best training.

You are participating in an exciting and cutting-edge training program to greatly increase your physical and mental ability to defend yourself and others around you.

Participating in the C.O.B.R.A.™ program, puts you in the top 5% of the population. What does that mean? It means that people often talk about taking action and doing something, but only 5% of those people actually bridge the gap between talking and doing. So, if you are in the C.O.B.R.A.™ program, you are not a talker, you are a doer.

Details on this course .. What do you get and what do you not get . Lets jump right to it. You get access to the Online Training portal only which means you will not receive the ” Home Study Kit ” which consists of the DVD’S , COBRA T shirt , Home Study Training Manual and CD’S. Also the module ” Active Shooter Response Plan’ will be excluded but all other modules you will access to. What you do have access to is all the online training videos and there are 100’s of video to keep you busy for months. What if you want the whole ” Home study kit ” ? You can certainly purchase the full training course which comes with your COBRA certification and all the bells and whistles. You will need to purchase the full course with HOME STUDY Kit at the price of $349.00 … but if you sign up with us you will receive a 20% DISCOUNT as we are affiliates for the college and you price will be $279.00 ( roughly ZAR 6200.00 as exchange rate applies ) Go to course description SELF DEFENSE COLLEGE ONLINE COURSE – FULL HOME STUDY KIT.

Steps to get Access to your course after enrolment

Step 1 .. Enroll and complete your course purchase

Step 2 .. We will receive your purchase and course enrolment and then email YOUR login details to you for your course access. ( we receive a username and password from COBRA DEFENSE INTERNATIONAL in the USA and will do your enrollment for you )

Step 3. With your new Username and password you will go to to Login and then access your Course material. Get Training , Keep Safe and enjoy.